• What is FilePup ?

    FilePup.net is a one-click dead simple online hub for all your media. It provides you with easy ways to share any file with anyone accross the net, organize your photos, movies or music collections, back them up safely and stream them from virtually any modern device that has a web browser and internet connectivity. FilePup has been built with security in mind, and employes daily back ups of all user's data to ensure data retention. The service's secure environment includes optional 2-point back ups.

  • Can I search FilePup's servers for content?

    All files hosted on our servers are property of their uploaders, thus FilePup does not index any of them.

  • Are inactive files deleted ?

    The retention policy for inactive files (eg. not accessed or not downloaded) is 30 days for files uploaded by registered users, and 15 days for files uploaded by non-registered users. The Files uploaded to FilePup's Personal Vault are kept virtually forever, regardless of being accessed or not. PRO account holders will never have their files deleted, and their Personal Vault has stronger security.

  • What are the benefits of the PRO subscription ?

    Some of the benefits of the paid (PRO) plans include:
    - No bandwidth limitations
    - No speed limitations imposed by FilePup
    - Larger Storage Space (5 TeraBytes)
    - 2-Point Back Ups
    - Transfer resuming support
    - Simultaneous trasfers
    - Priority customer support
    Choose from our predefined PRO plans here.

  • What information is being collected by FilePup regarding my usage ?

    Under normal operation of the service, no logs of your activity are being kept, except for the date of your sign up and the email you have used to sign up with. FilePup's support team has no access to your account, and your password is not known by us. We do not check uploaded files. Our service may temporary collect your IP if malicious attempts are being detected from it (eg. hacking attempts, numerous unsuccessful login attempts, etc).

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