HTML5 Streaming

Latest HTML5 video technology.
Flash fallback for further compatibility.

On any device

Desktops, smartphones, tablets, SmartTV.
Most modern devices supported.

Simple Embedding

Just copy & paste the code.
4K videos right on your website.

FullHD Quality

SD, HD, FullHD & 4K.
Your video looks good.

Beautiful, Stylish & Versatile!

Smooth experience on wide range of devices. From smartphones to Smart TVs*, PlayHD will play smoothly on any device from the modern era that supports H264 MP4 video and speaks HTML5.

What is it like?

Try it yourself!

Embed code for the demo above:

<iframe src="" frameborder=0 width=720 height=405 allowfullscreen></iframe>


PlayHD is available as a free, ad-supported service to all registered users of FilePup.

* Subtitles and fullscreen support may not be available on Smart TVs and / or other devices, which don't support VTT captioning and HTML5's native fullscreen capabilities.