27,000,000+ Monthly Ad Impressions

Reach a constantly growing audience interested in entertainment, gaming, media streaming and sharing,
gadgets & technology.

Ads on FilePup are not overwhelming. We do not fire too many pop-ups and our users are never forced to click on an ad if they are not interested. We present your brand in a manner that leaves positive impression, and our intrestitials tend to have very high CTR.

3,100,000 Users. 12,000,000 Views.

FilePup is well accepted and loved by users all around the globe.
3.1M+ unique sessions of our service monthly, and the number grows continuously.
(Source: Google Analytics)

Top 5 Geos:
  • USA (23.99%)
  • United Kingdom (5.15%)
  • France (4.51%)
  • Italy (4.41%)
  • Germany (3.93%)

Any Medium, Custom Targeting

All standart advertising mediums + custom code and special formats on demand. FilePup's user base consists of both desktop and mobile users, who use the platform at home and at their work places. (source: Alexa.com)

  • 728x90, 300x250, Pop-up/pop-under, Site Skin, Video
  • 320x50, Mobile Push-ups, Fullscreen, Mobile Video
  • Targeting by Location, OS, Browser type
  • Real-Time Reporting and Campaign Adjustments
  • Frequency Caps

Interstitial / Video Billboard

728x90 Desktop Leaderboard

Alert Mobile Push-Ups

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